NaNots : Treating Major Diseases with Subtractive Nanoparticles [-1]

Drug development has historically progressed in waves . . .


First Wave:


Kill Bad Cells


Sometimes offers some benefits – which is why it’s still used today.



Side effects include secondary malignancies and immune system damage.
Effects are dose-limiting; patients often can’t handle enough treatment for cure.


Second Wave:


Stimulate Immune Cells


These “Checkpoint inhibitors” can sometimes induce regression

by blocking the “off switch” on killer T-cells.



Blocking these receptors disrupts immune balance and leads to autoimmunity,
including risk of nephritis, pneumonitis, colitis, hepatitis, etc. Also dose-limiting.


Third Wave:


Fix Aberrant Signal Flow

For most diseases,
the problem is not bad cells or tissues,
nor a weak immune system.

The problem is incorrect
molecular signals between cells.

Correcting aberrant signal flow,
especially to and from immune cells,
is the future of medicine.

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