For Investors [Panel]

For Investors

NaNotics, LLC was first funded in late 2015 with a $250k seed round from scientific and business leaders, including Jonathan Milner, PhD, founder of Abcam, a global provider of premium antibodies and other research tools to major life science companies. Seed funds were mainly applied toward initial IP filings. In July of 2016, the company received a $6m Series A, which is currently being applied primarily toward engineering of multiple geometries of NaNots to capture multiple targets, and toward in vitro efficacy and safety studies (completed successfully), in vivo safety studies (likewise), and in vivo efficacy studies (in process).

NaNotics, LLC is planning a Series B round in the $50m-$75m range (potentially tranched), which will be used for:

  1. progressing current NaNot designs for treating solid tumor cancer through human trials & obtaining regulatory approval
  2. building pharmaceutical & clinical partnerships for distribution & administration of initial NaNots
  3. developing new NaNots against additional targets for treating other diseases, and progressing them through animal studies.

Additional information on NaNotics, LLC investors and use of funds to date – as well as access to the NaNotics, LLC Series B data room – is available to qualified investors under NDA.

Development Status

  • We’ve completed engineering of NaNots against a key class of tumor-generated immune inhibitors using 2 different geometries
  • We’ve demonstrated efficient scavenging of these inhibitors in vitro from mouse & human serum at physiologic concentrations
  • Capture is 80% complete in 10 minutes; 100% in 30 minutes
  • We’ve demonstrated safety both in vitro & in vivo (mouse & rat)
  • We currently running mouse efficacy trials in 6 models of cancer & 1 model of aging
  • We were awarded 2 broad patent claim sets in 2017, with 7 more patent families pending

IP Position

  • 2 sets of broad patent claims granted in US (in April & October, 2017)
  • 7 additional patent families pending
  • Extensive international patent filings in process
  • IP covers many geometries, materials & targets
  • US Trademarks have also been granted
  • International TM filings are aligned by region with international patent filings

Investment Structure

Some investors are focused on platforms
Some investors are focused on specific diseases & pathogenic targets
Some investors prefer early stage (Series A); some prefer later stage (Series B+)

NaNotics, LLC offers multiple investment structures:

  • We will be offering Series B investment in NaNotics, LLC (the parent, which owns the platform).
  • We’re also offering Series A investments into subsidiaries focused on specific disease classes, such as Oncology, Autoimmune Disease, Infectious Disease and Aging.